Hey all, Michelle here... I'm lucky enough to be one of the founders and designers behind the Union Studio Metals brand. Some of you may or may not know this but USM was started in 2011 by myself and my BFF Margarett Ritter. Right around the time we began the journey of creating our first collection we also launched our first donation project and it was a great success! 

Recently, we found out that my brother-in-law Mike will be battling pancreatic cancer. Ugh, I know, it's a tough one BUT don't count this guy out! He's got an uphill battle but he also has some aces up his sleeve and I believe he will reach remission. Here is one of my favorite pictures of Mike, what a stud!


You see, let me tell you a little bit about Michael which begins with my sister Sheri. As some of you know, I was raised an only child however when I was 11 years old my mom enrolled me in Big Brothers Big Sisters which matched me with my sister Sheri. Needless to say, we clicked and have been like real sisters ever since! Here is a picture of Sheri and I at the lake circa 1994ish, beach babes!


Around the time Sheri and I met, she met Mike Johnson and they married on a chilly winter day in Michigan then had 3 fun, unique, and incredibly talented kiddos. I've been lucky enough to be an extension of their family and get to watch them all grow throughout the years. There have been lots of ups and downs in my life but Sheri and Mike have been constant and consistent beams of light and support. Here is a photo of the Johnson's from this summer, from left to right... Miss McKenna (dancer extraordinaire), Sheri (Wonder Woman/Sister), Mr. Logan (soccer champ), Nathan (future pro baseball player), and Mike (Super Dad/Bro).

Johnson Fam

When we found out about Mike's cancer there are so many things that were running through our minds like fears and what ifs. Finding out a loved one has any kind of illness just tears you apart and makes you feel like you have absolutely no control over anything. Which got me to thinking... how can I help? There is one thing I know how to do that can hopefully bring some financial assistance and that is making jewelry, who doesn't want jewelry right?! Here's another photo of Mike and McKenna, a great moment of him just being the awesome dad that he is!

Mike and Kenna

One of my favorite stories that has always stuck in my mind about Mike was his checkerboard floor in his garage, I mean this garage was tricked out! Mike spent years collecting metal toolboxes, tools, and boxes of the perfect black and white checkerboard floor tiles which he purchase practically one box at a time until he had enough to cover the entire garage. To say that Mike is meticulous is a bit of an understatement! He has an eye for details and the precision to make things look perfect, yes indeed he is one of those guys that has the perfect cross hatched pattern mowed into the grass too. Here's a picture of the finished garage, love it!


With the checkerboard garage floor in mind I came up with the Mike Johnson collection which features perfectly criss crossed bars that support a high quality amethyst cabochon stone. I chose the purple amethyst since the pancreatic cancer ribbon is a purple ribbon. A large percentage of the sales from this collection will go directly to Mike, Sheri, and the kids as they work through Mike's treatments and recoveries. To make a donation aside from the jewelry please contact us on our contact page. To purchase the earring or necklace design click on the photos below which will take you to the product page for purchase. 

Mike Johnson Collection Earrings

Mike Johnson Collection Necklace

Thanks in advance for your support and love for the Johnson family!!