Getting the Band Back Together

Posted by Michelle Keller on

Photos from the past Union Studio Metals Jewelers

You may or may not know this but USM has a rich history and an interesting story (at least we think so), check out the full story on our Meet Your Makers page.

A brief synopsis of our business includes the following:

2008 start and run nonprofit teaching Craft classes in the Boise valley

2010 start making a jewelry line for the nonprofit

2011 buy a bag of crystals that told us to end the nonprofit and start a for profit: Union Studio Metals is born

Old Studio Boise Idaho Hoppe Building Jewelers Union Studio Metals

2012 Marge moves to Seattle and Michelle takes over the business (Michelle is very sad and misses Marge)

2013 Michelle moves to Denver and begins to work for USM Full Time!!

2017 Michelle and Marge are chillin in Seattle and decide Michelle needs Marge back and Marge needs USM back and the reconnection begins!

2018 Marge is back and the band is back together!!! 

Metalsmith Jewelry Artists Seattle Washington Union Studio Metals

Moral of the timeline story is that USM has always been a two lady metalsmithing operation as Marge has always been there whether in the front end of the business or in the back as a support system. To honor our awesome friendship and business partnership I figured we should share some past photos from when USM began, enjoy!

Nevada Blue Turquoise Stone Gemstone Jewelry Ring Union Studio Metals

Handmade Chain Silver Diamond Stone Necklace Jewelry Union Studio Metals

Gemstone Earrings Leopard Jasper Amethyst Rose Quartz Jewelry Union Studio Metals
Black Oxidized Silver Wedding Band Rings Union Studio Metals
Adjustable Gemstone Jewelry Necklaces Union Studio Metals