Blogging... Not really my thing Part 2

Blogging... Not really my thing Part 2

yup, it's true I'm still pretty terrible at taking time out if the day to sit down and document the interesting moments that happen in the studio and on the road. Truth be told, I have a hard time believing that my life and career are at all interesting, plus it just feels braggy! But... I'm working in getting past my introverted ways and going out on a limb to share more of the journey that I'm lucky enough to call my world. 

So, the questions I ask myself... what could possibly be that interesting that people would not only want to read about but follow along with? Lucky for me (and you since you are readying this) there are a couple of cool things happening that I think will make for great content! 

Number 1: loads of new jewelry designs coming at your face, here's an example...


Number 2: Dave and I are moving into a 38' toy hauler to travel around the country for a few years which means tons of great photos of a jewelry studio on the road with an action photographer, two dogs, one cat, and oodles of new memories to share! Here we are the day we bought the trailer, gulp! Guess we are really don't this!!

So yeah look for more of this coming soon...