Posted by Michelle Keller on

Well hey! And welcome to the new and improved Union Studio Metals website!! Here's some exciting things to expect from this site:

1) Oldies but goodies. That's right, the trusted USM pieces that you've seen around for the last couple of years can still be found here! Such as the Deschutes Collection, Wood River Collection, and the best selling Continental Divide Collection.

2) New collections coming soon... Oh heck yeah there are some new and exciting collections and one-of-a-kind pieces coming down the pipes!! Some things to look forward to include 14kt gold accents, rare stone centerpieces, raw stones matched with blingy faceted stones, some high end collector's pieces as well as new innovative and affordable goodies, and more... 

3) The insiders view of a gorgeous new studio space with fancy wood floor, a real metalsmithing desk (like a real one that a real jeweler would work at, like for reals!!), great organization (not that it will help to create a non-messy workspace, if you're a metalsmith than you get it), and most important there will be some serious stuff being cranked out of this place!

4) A general day in the life of USM as a brand including blog posts of how pieces are created and the process of building each line, plus you can definitely count on some silly dog photos!

5) A chronicle of a gypsy lifestyle including wholesale and retail booth travel stories (each show has at least one crazy story, haha)!

Anyways, get excited and don't ever hesitate to leave a comment or a story of your own! And, you can always contact USM via the contact tab. Thanks for your continued support and I wish ya'all the best in the new year!! Big hugs from CO, Michelle